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  Independent Escrow Companies Real Estate Broker-
Owner Escrow Departments
Title Company Escrow Departments
State of California Regulating Body (If Complaints) Dept. of Corporations
Dept. of Real Estate Dept. of Insurance
Bonding Required Yes No No
Manager Escrow Experience Requirements Yes
(4-5 Years)
No No
Regular Operational Procedural Audits Yes
(Every 12-48 Months by the D.O.C. without any prior notice.)
(D.R.E. Auditors go out only if a problem is encountered)
Independent Audits Required Yes
(Annually, too!)
No No
Deposit Funds Protection Yes
Escrow Agents Fidelity Corp. (E.A.F.C.) Covers All Independent Licenses
(D.R.E. Recovery Fund: Max $20,000 per individual)
Escrow Officer Certification Yes
(For escrow officer employees of members of California Escrow Assoc.)
No No
Net Worth Requirements Yes No No
Liquidity Requirements Yes No No
Escrow License Required Yes No No
True Impartiality as a Third Party Yes Doubtful
(Broker has financial interest in transaction.)
Title company has other financial interest in transaction.
Background Investigations of ALL Employees, including photos and fingerprints Yes No No